Frequently Asked Questions


Buying Land

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy Land?

Owning vacant land is appealing on so many levels.

  • As an investment, land holds its value. The old saying "Buy land - they ain't making any more of it!" is true! Unlike other 'investments', land is tangible. Land is real.
  • The cost to buy vacant land is surprisingly low. Our cash prices are usually negotiable and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our land is, whether you buy it outright at a discount or use our payment plans. 
  • The cost to own vacant land is surprisingly low. Taxes are minimal, and utilities are usually non-existent. No roof to replace or other maintenance costs.
  • Are you alive? Then you need a place to live, now or in the future. Land can be the foundation (literally) for your forever - or even “for right now” - home.
  • It gives you options. Do you like to hike? Want to go fishing with your family (or your fishing buddies)? Do you want mountain views? Is privacy or solitude important? Would you rather be close to town? Want a home base to park your RV? Does your family enjoy camping? Are you going to build a house?

Deciding what features make a piece of land attractive to you will help you choose the right property.

If you know what you want, great! If you’re not sure, browse our listings and see what appeals to you!


I Know Which Piece of Land I Want. Now What?

Buying land from us is simple. There are 2 options, and we’ll walk you through the process either way.

If you’re buying the property outright we will work with you to coordinate payment once we’ve agreed to a price. A wire transfer from your bank is the simplest and fastest, but with some of our lower-priced parcels, we can provide you a link to make payment via a credit card or Venmo (we’re on Venmo as @vacantland).

If you’re using our payment plan, we’ll work with you to figure out the down payment and monthly payment terms that make sense, then we’ll collect the down payment from you via credit card or Venmo.

Whether you’re buying outright or using our payment plan, there will be a document preparation fee of up to $239.

What Happens Next?

We prepare the required documents. That normally takes a day and we will send you everything by email. We can send hard copy documents via regular mail if you prefer.

If you’re using our payment plan option, there will be 3 documents you’ll need to fill out, sign and return to us; scan and email back is fine. In those documents will be the paperwork to setup your monthly payments from your bank account. 

Once the property is paid in full it will be deeded to you. The deed will be recorded with the county, which typically takes a couple days but can take a few weeks depending on the county. As soon as the recorded deed is returned by the county, we will send it to you if they did not send it to you directly.

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent or an Attorney?

No. Purchasing land is simple and straightforward. Most real estate agents don’t get involved with land purchases like these because, frankly, the prices are too low for them to make a worthwhile commission. The amount of work they have to do for a purchase of a $300,000 home is almost the same as it is for a $15,000 piece of vacant land, but the amount they would earn from the land sale is significantly less and normally wouldn’t even cover their costs. 

Of course, if you have an attorney and you’d like to get their advice you’re more than welcome to. The sale paperwork we’ll send you includes a ‘plain English’ description upfront as well.  

What Can I Do With My Land?

Anything legal. While we put most of the key features and amenities of the property on each listing, we always advise you to contact the county to confirm specific questions about use. We can help with this process, but always want you to get the answer “straight from the horse’s mouth”.

If you want to build a permanent structure, the land must be fully paid for. Once it is paid in full, the property is deeded to you and then any permits or requirements by the county can be obtained. 

Are Utilities Available - Water, Power, Sewer, Gas?

It depends.

In many cases, utilities are nearby but not on the actual land. We can usually help with contact information for utility companies or companies that can dig a well or install a septic tank if needed. In some areas, natural gas is an option, in others you can have propane delivered. Solar power is becoming more and more common and with the available incentives it's now a realistic option for your power needs.

What About Taxes or Liens?

Keep in mind that for most vacant land the taxes are incredibly low - less than $100/year. We show the current annual taxes for each property on the listing. We never sell a property with back taxes due or outstanding liens.

If you’re buying outright, the taxes will become your responsibility going forward. If you’re using our payment plan, the annual taxes will be included in your monthly payment. Once the property is deeded to you, the tax bill will be sent to you the next time the county mails them out. 

Do You Own These Properties or Are You a Broker?

We own every property we list for sale. When you see a property you are interested in purchasing from us, you’ll work with us directly to come up with a deal we're both happy with.

No brokers, no commissions, no middleman, no hidden costs. 

We’re happy to provide you with the county contact information so you can verify that we are the real owner since sometimes online information (even the county’s own website) may have outdated ownership info.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Yes. Again, we keep it simple. When you buy from us, you have a 100% Satisfaction, 100-day guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the land you purchased in those first hundred days, we will refund your money minus the document preparation fee and any other fees (for example, wiring or credit card fees) we've incurred.

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